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The 2017 Green Futures Scholarship application is now available! Applications are due Monday, April 24, 2017.

The 2017 Green Futures Scholarship will be announced at GHS Senior Awards Night, Saturday, May 27, 2017.

Jordan Pederson is the recipient of the 2016 Green Futures Scholarship at Grinnell High School! The award was announced May 28, 2016 at the GHS Senior Awards Night.

Allison Neeley and Ryan Nelson are the recipients of the 2015 Green Futures Scholarship at Grinnell High School! The awards were announced May 24, 2015 at the GHS Senior Awards Night.

The 2017 Application for the GHS Green Futures Scholarship is now available online. The application deadline is Monday, April 24, 2017, midnight central time. APPLY HERE!

What is the Green Future?

Our world in the 21st century is at an incredible crossroads of opportunities to move our societies towards a greener future. If we can make this a reality, we will move ourselves towards energy sources that don't pollute and reduce dependence on imports, create a whole new employment revolution based on green jobs, transform the products we make and buy, and can improve the way we live and interact with the world and with each other.

This transformation is the challenge of this generation, and each student will have a role in enabling progress whether they study business, engineering, technology, policy, law, marketing, or trades such as to become a mechanic or carpenter. The green future will need:

In short, a Green Future means humans will interact differently with the material world, with each other, and under a different set of political rules than today.

What is the Green Futures Scholarship?

The Green Futures Scholarship at GHS was created to inspire, educate, and reward GHS students to pursue a greener future that is more environmentally friendly and more economically sustainable and prosperous.

This scholarship, in the amount of $1,000, will go to a graduating Grinnell High School student wishing to pursue post-high school education relating to the “green future.“ Because the Green Future will encompass such a wide variety of aspects, applicants may be thinking of studying, for example, business, investments, technology, engineering, sociology, policy, marketing, real estate, land development, art, photography, or even still be undecided as to a major. The intent is to support individuals that will pursue a green future no matter what professional path they choose. In addition, we are interested in applicants planning to attend any legitimate post-high school institution, including technical schools, community colleges, liberal arts colleges, and universities.

High emphasis will be placed on the committee's judgment of each applicant to continue to be active in making the green future a reality throughout their post-high school education and beyond, and evidence of prior interest and action relating to a green future. This will be demonstrated through two essays that the applicant will write. Secondary emphasis will be placed on financial need, academic performance, and character. This scholarship will not discriminate on race, creed, color, gender, orientation, national origin, or any manner other than the criteria listed above. The committee reserves the right to hold over scholarship funds until subsequent years if no appropriate candidate is identified.


The Green Futures Scholarship is proud to offer students access to professionals that can serve as mentors to scholarship applicants and winners. This can be in the form of getting projects off the ground in schools and communities, career advice, or general questions. Our vision is not to hand out money and disappear – we are looking for students that want to make change towards a Green Future, and we are here to help that change get started. Email Tyler if you are interested!